Reference : AV400

Commutateur peritel automatique

Description du commutateur peritel automatique :

  • A central console with simple plug-and-play operation to connect as many as 6 AV equipment into one system without complicated cabling.
  • Automatic Switching always switches automatically to the latest video input turned on.
  • Convenient manual switching by IR Remote Control also included.
  • Display of current video inputs and outputs clear at a glance.
  • Different video on TV and VCR at the same time.
  • LOCK function to prevent recording from accidental interruption.
  • Facilities for using one video sender for all video equipment without changing cable from one to another.
  • Easy and bi-directional recording between two VCRs.
  • Facilities for 5-way recording.
  • Enhanced audio and video quality of terrestrial TV.
  • Convenient frontal input for video cameras and games.
  • Video from one set of AV equipment available on all TVs.
  • Different video on different TV at the same time.
  • Intelligent HomeGuard surveillance system for baby and visitor monitoring on any TV.

Commutateur peritel automatique

AV-400S Technical Specifications

  • Input Level: 1 Vp-p / 75 ohm
  • Output Level: 1 Vp-p / 75 ohm
  • Differential Gain: 2% typical
  • Differential Phase: 2% typical
  • Isolation: More than 40 dB


  • Input Level: 20 K ohm
  • Output Level: 1 K ohm / 2.2 Vp-p
  • Isolation: More than 50 dB

Loop-Through, Switching and Distribution:

  • Microprocessor controlled 2 independent video outputs to TV and VCR outputs.
  • Video outputs to TV and VCR outputs.
  • Auto detection and switching to TV when all video switched off.
  • Automatic from Satellite and VCR scarts to Laser Disc scart.
  • Switching protection on the video on the VCR scart with LOCK function.

Inputs and Outputs:

  • 3 Euro-scarts: TV, VCR, Disc


  • 1 Euro-scarts: Satellite
  • 1 RCAs: Video Cam on front panel
  • 1 IEC RF: Ant. In
  • 1 15-pin D-Sub female connector: CCD 1/2


  • 1 RCAs: TV
  • 2 IEC RF: TV Out, TV2


LED: TV/CCD, VCR, Satellite, Disc, Video

  • Cam, TV2, CCD 1, CCD2, Auto.

Display: Green = first video/CCD camera on

  • Red = second video locked
  • Red flashing = alarm triggered

RF Modulator: (with test pattern)

  • Transmission System: European standard
  • Colour System: PAL G or I
  • Output Channel: UHF 28-47 preset 36

CCD Camera Input and Detector Loop:

Interface: 15-pin high density D-sub sockets for 2 CCD camera inputs

Each CCD Input: Video, Audio, Loop+, Loop-,12V DC output

Video Gain: 0.8 - 1.4 Vp-p from attenuation to amplifier

Detector Loop: +5V DC

Power to CCD: +12V DC / 400 mA

Power to Add-on: +12V DC / 400 mA

Switching Mode: Auto / Manual / Alarm triggered

Switching Interval: approx. 1.5 - 16 seconds (internally adjustable)

Alarm Triggered Mode:

1) Auto switching to every newly triggered CCD, of which LED changes from green to red and flashes.

2) Video and Audio from triggered CCD override on TV and VCR except VCR is locked for recording other video.

3) Auto switching TV to AV channel for video and audio from triggered CCD.

4) 85 dBA/30 cm pulse tone buzzes for approx. 50 seconds on Auto Mode.

5) Triggering signal on for additional alarm: 0V to +5V DC and +5V to 0V DC.

Power Supply (built-in):

Mains Voltage: 230V AC / 50 Hz

Consumption: 1.8W typical, 0.8W standby


Operating Temp.: +5 to +50 degree C.

Construction: Metal cabinet with ABS plastic front panel in metallic paint.

Size: 270 x 240 x 65 mm

Weight: approx. 1.9 kgs

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